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Head of Risk and Credit wanted to work in Saudi Arabia

Required Skills:

*Excellent command of spoken & written the English language is required.

*Advanced statistical skills, Credit Risk Modeling/Analysis, Data Mining, and Financial knowledge.

*Knowledge of Portfolio Risk / Management within financial business.

A clear understanding of portfolio risks related to delinquency trends.

*Knowledge of the market and operational risks.

*Background in financial analyses and legal and regulatory framework

*Developing and Supporting the Team (Actively improves others’ skills, cooperates effectively, diplomatic conflict handler).

*Integrity (Mutual trust, consistent with company ethics and values)

*At least 5 to 10 years of banking experience

Salary from SAR5000 to SAR8000 (depends on the number of years of experience)

If you are interested join the team please send your CV 01140107402

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Head of Risk and Credit

A credit risk manager analyzes the credit risk of banks and similar financial institutions.

In this role, it is your job to develop better credit risk policies and procedures to mitigate losses and preserve capital.

Other responsibilities include reviewing data, creating financial models, preparing performance reports, complying with regulations, and planning credit policies.

This career requires at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration or a related field.

Other important qualifications include excellent analytical, communication, and research skills.

Most employers are more likely to prefer candidates with risk management experience.

How to Become a Credit Risk Manager

The main requirements to become a credit risk manager are to have a degree in a relevant field and at least ten years of experience in the industry.

This is a relatively superior position and you make decisions that can make or lose a lot of money for a loan company.

Employers prefer candidates who have performed well in related roles for a long time.

Credit risk managers often oversee a larger group of credit risk analysts, so previous experience in a management position is also useful.

Fulfilling the responsibilities and duties of a credit risk manager requires interpersonal, financial, investigative skills, sound judgment, and negotiation skills.

Important notice

To work abroad and it is a licensed company affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and we do not work on employment within Egyptian companies, after submitting the employment application if it matches the conditions and requirements of the work, you will be contacted and an appointment for personal interviews, usually the first interview is conducted via the Internet through the Zoom program or Google Meeting and after the filtering, the personal interview takes place through the office's headquarters. 

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