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Software engineer required to work in Finland

Characteristics of the ideal candidate:

• Proven track record as a software architect (minimum 3 years)

• Excellent communication skills, self-determined, passionate

• Mastery of Java. Python skills are beneficial

• Experience in various CI/CD solutions

• Familiar with agile practices, including Scrum

For applicants for the position of Software Architect, please send code 1 in a message with your CV to (01140107402), and download the Zoom application to make the interview.

Required software engineer to work in Finland
software engineer to work in Finland

?What does a software architect do

software architect is an expert-level software developer who communicate with businesses and customers to design and execute solutions with a team of software engineers.

A software architect decides the software design for managers.

They often act as designers, developers, and communicators.

Responsibilities of the software engineer

Research and evaluation of technical standards and tools for a project.

Determine the Optimal Options Separate the project aim into several smaller solvable problems Communicate requirements.

Business Criteria and Requirements Software Development Teams Review the Unified Modeling Language (UML) project structure and diagram Distribute development tasks to a team of software engineers Quality Assurance Test project code snippets and review them for errors. Write code snippets as part of project development.

: Skills needed by software architects include

Problem Solving

The primary responsibility of a software engineer is to act as a problem analyst.

The firm presents a broad request to the architect.

the architect must break the request down into smaller problems that can be resolved with the software development team.


Software architects often create and update large, complicated UML diagrams of a software project as it progresses through the production cycle.

To understand the design, an architect must systematically think and organize detailed sections of a project.

Attention to detail

A software architect must ensure the functionality of each segment of a project and be able to review easily the project code to ensure quality and prevent code problems from reaching the launch of a project.

For large projects, the architect must read thousands of lines of code quickly and accurately and know what common errors to look for.


Software architects oversee the development of a project and assume the responsibilities of a development team, completing each part of an application.

Coordinating the work of a development team and ensuring that each segment of a project meets design standards requires strong leadership skills.


Software architects often choose a project that balances the needs of the organization and the capabilities of the development team.

To achieve a healthy balance, architects must be able to communicate the requirements of a project to their team and develop an appropriate timeline for project completion based on suggestions from their teams.


The ability to handle a situation in a unique and creative way

allows the software architect to find alternative solutions to problems that arise during the development of a project and helps to strengthen their problem-solving skills.

Creativity can also help a software architect design the UML structure of a project.

Important notice

The Egyptians Recruitment Company is a company that recruits and employs Egyptians to work abroad, and it is a licensed company affiliated with the Ministry of Labor. we do not work on employment within Egyptian companies.
Usually, the first interview takes place online through the Zoom or Google Meeting program, and after the filtering, the personal interview takes place through the office’s headquarters.
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