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Senior software developers required jobs
Qualities of the ideal candidate
Some technologies we use are TypeScript, Node.js, Vue, Vuetify, PostgreSQL, Celery, AWS, Redis, and Django. You do not need to have experience in our stack, but we expect you to have worked with similar technologies. The minimum requirements we expect from you are:
● At least 5 years of experience using web frontend and backend technologies. We expect you to have worked with at least one web frontend technology (e.g., Vue, React, or Angular) and one web backend technology (e.g., Django, ExpressJS, Ruby on Rails, Flask, or Node.js).
● You are a curious generalist who likes to learn new technologies.
● You can work both independently as a part of a team
● During your professional software development career, you have built user-facing products that focus on customer value.
● You understand the best practices in agile software development.
● You have a quality-driven mentality and experience with test automation, code reviews, or other similar approaches.

For applicants for the position of Software Architect, please send code 4 in a message with your CV to (01140107402), and download the Zoom application to make the interview.

Senior software developer
Senior software developer

Senior software developer

Experienced software developers are high-level programmers who design and implement software programs, websites, and applications for an organization.

The lead software developer’s job is to lead the development team and ensure that software projects are completed on time.

When interviewing experienced software developers, the most suitable candidate will have advanced management skills, strong programming language skills, and good communication skills.

Be wary of candidates who lack project management experience and those with poor interpersonal skills.

Interview questions from an experienced software engineer

?What skills do you think older software developers need to succeed

Demonstrates an understanding of the position and highlights the candidate’s skills.

?How do you decide which tasks should be delegated and which ones should be completed

It shows the candidate’s project management and management skills.

?What programming languages and frameworks are you most familiar with

It highlights the candidate’s knowledge of modern software systems and reveals knowledge gaps.

What techniques do you use to ensure that a software project is completed on time and to specifications

Reveal more about the candidate’s project management skills

?What software projects have you designed and managed in the past

Highlight the candidate’s skills and previous work experience.

Important notice

The Egyptians Recruitment Company is a company that recruits and employs Egyptians to work abroad, and it is a licensed company affiliated with the Ministry of Labor. we do not work on employment within Egyptian companies.
Usually, the first interview takes place online through the Zoom or Google Meeting program, and after the filtering, the personal interview takes place through the office’s headquarters.
Some tips for writing a good CV through our articles here

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